Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love & War Blog

I thought about starting a blog when my husband initially deployed, documenting the ups and downs of the 365 days he was away. I didn't, and at times I regret not jotting down the variety of experiences and emotions I felt over the past year. I started off the deployment with reading books about other spouses deployment experiences. Some were just flat out negative and depressing.  Some were poorly written. One touched my heart and gave me encouragement. I'm not much of a reader to begin with, so reading sentence after sentence about how horrible deployments are, lead me to search for something interesting, entertaining, uplifting. What I found was Kendra Wilkinson's Autobiography...and in that, I found happiness.

Curve ball, huh?! Kendra had nothing to do with war...but everything to do with family and sex. And lets be serious, this blog is about love AND war. So...let's just set the record straight from the beginning. I did graduate with a degree in journalism, however, ever since studying journalism I have found an intense resentment towards journalist. I hate that they can skew stories and write words that will evidently hurt people. With that being said, the intent of this blog is not for slander or malicious purposes. I will, on the other hand be as open and honest as possible about MY experiences. I have an extremely strong faith in the Lord, but I will be open about my relationship with my husband, including intimate topics. I decided that if I was going to do this blog, I needed to be real, I needed to be me. Besides, how could I help other women in situations similar to mine if I didn't give them reality? So here it is. If you don't like what you read or see, you are in no way obligated to be here. My hopes though, are that I can touch just one woman out there. To lend a helping hand into a variety of topics including; deployment management, dealing with in-laws, finding faith, continuing to live while your spouse is away, what exactly is an FRG, an LES, a TDY, etc. and of course, I will discuss intimate details (or lack of during deployment), and how I dealt with these situations. I hope that this blog can provide some insight into this unfamiliar world of Love & War.